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The Medicine Of today
Inspite of highly specialized diagnostic tools and treatment procedures available today, chronic diseases continue to rise and pose a major challenge to medical fraternity. Modern Medical science can surely provide symptomatic relief which is good, but when we talk of prevention, there are not many answers. This is where, diet therapy comes to the rescue and it is a matter of pleasure that awareness of the people in this direction is gradually increasing, though, still it is much less than what it should be. Today large numbers of people are examining their attitudes towards what they should eat and are in search for approaches that are more in tune with the natural healing processes of the human organism.

Nutrients help stimulate the body's self healing power. It is food that can help boost haemoglobin in the blood and supply calcium to the bones. It is what you eat that triggers metabolic processes and which can accelerate or delay deposition of cholesterol in the arteries. With diet with a difference, it is not only what you eat but how you eat and when you eat what you eat that actually matters!

Because A diet, contrary to common belief does not mean less calories/no saturated fat.
A diet literally means: the daily pattern of food intake.
And that's what is vital. A balance which is for your body will not be the same for somebody else. What is the NO-DIET APPROACH? Read more...

Diet Therapy : Holistic Health
A balanced diet works to promote optimal health for the individual on all levels, physical, mental and emotional, is indicated for people of all ages and is useful for those healthy or ill, for both prevention and cure.

Diet Therapy - Call of the future
Researches in most chronic diseases emphasize the importance of food
Not only the quantity, but more importantly quality.
And with lifestyles getting busier as ever, it is natural to ignore what
nutrients  should one be really eating and packing up in a day.
With diet with a difference, travel diets are advised for avid travelers too!
Sweets are not banned for those with a sweet tooth!
Practical and Easy to conform - is the motto.

Diet with a difference : A Safe Choice.
No fads are followed here. No powders / medications to boost fat metabolism are prescribed. Infact, maintenance diets are advised free of cost.

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