Chloe B

Alleen maar lof over deze unieke aanpak.
Zes maanden na de tweede zwangerschap bleef de teller op de weegschaal 15kg te veel!
Op 12 weken tijd was alles weer normaal.
Die 12 weken verliepen ook normaal dankzij de zeer persoonlijke aanpak van Mansi.
Bij de wekelijkse evaluatie werd alles steeds op punt gesteld.
Gewichtverlies zonder de hele voedselvoorraad in huis aan te passen, zonder aparte maaltijden voor de rest van het gezin, enzovoort.
Bedankt voor alles!

Afroze K. - Architect

Had never thought one can lose weight without giving up foods like rice,pasta and bread!!!
Mansi’s personalized diet plan fits right in my busy work and managing kid’s schedule. Have learnt so much about food and what to eat and what not to eat!


Mansi's system is an excellent way to change how you interact with food.
By following her week-by-week advice you learn to embrace healthy eating habits without realising that you are learning at all.
Her weekly plans are funand easy to follow and create a great foundation to building a healthy relationship with food.

Tessie Gaertner

Had never thought I would ever find a solution to my 10 year struggle.
Have had digestion issues for 10 years, had been falsely diagnosed with Celiac disease and was running from one doctor to another trying to find a solution and being prescribed a load of supplements.
I did the 4 week diet plan with Mansi and after week one all my problems had disappeared.
I now know exactly what food I can eat and what suits my body.
I reintroduced gluten to my diet and am so happy about this after being gluten free for 4 years.
Thanks Mansi! ***A happy gut is a happy mind***

Paul Kaplan - Bellataire BVBA - Antwerp, Belgium

Mansi, I would like you to know you effectively changed what I eat and the way I eat, and most importantly, you have given me a satisfying, heathy,and relatively painless way to keep to a diet that helps avoid future Diverticulitus attacks.