For Everyone

Food is the cornerstone to health, vitality and wellness. With the media and internet, information is easy to find. But on the flipside, data may be misleading or confusing. This more so in the field of nutrition. We have a new finding/diet every other day.

Mansi can help you to differentiate between fads and facts, manage your cravings, planning meals for you and your family, basically to kickstart a healthy way of eating and rebooting your nutrition

For Healthy Weight

Is’nt it surprising that obesity is on an exponential rise inspite of the awareness and people actually trying their best to eat healthy!

A scientific approach and a guide will help you reach your goals. Jumping from one diet to another will only help you lose your mind. Weight loss can be achieved and maintained by the revolutionary No-Diet Approach.

Mansi has years of experience and successful results with

Weight gain

Weight loss

Water Retention

For Your Age & Stage

Our nutrition needs change with our age and physiological state of the body.

Special diets are advised for -

Infants and children - feeding a toddler, food allergy, constipation, low immunity, food allergy, childhood obesity

Women – Pregnancy, post natal weight loss, menopause

Men – The weight shift in the middle age, central obesity.

Seniors – Chewing difficulties, healthy eating as you age.

For Medical Conditions

Mansi can help you manage your disease without counting calories, carbohydrates or grams! Her No-Diet Approach has won the hearts of many and crossed the red lines in the blood reports

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Digestive disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrom

Heart health, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension

Kidney and Liver disease

Burn out, fibromyalgia and extreme fatigue conditions.

For Schools & Communities

Educating is a passion. Apart from my practice, I would like to devote my time to spreading awareness – info sessions and teaching.

Nutrition education at school is an important step in the right direction. I am far from being a boring lecturer and make my talks very interesting and informative along with teaching aids. Humour is an integral part in my presentations and the rapport with the audience – be it the little, sharp brains at school or addressing a community audience, the motto is to make an impact, erase out the fads and highlight the facts!

For Corporate Wellness

A positive work atmosphere is instrumental to success as healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Mental and physical fatigue takes a toll if not managed in time.

Nutri – talks for employees can work as a good incentive, especially when the changes are practical and effective. With so many fads that one reads in the media, it is easy to follow the path which leads to a road block!

Contact Mansi to discover different options to bring awareness of facts over fads in your work environment.

For Professionals

For those whole have extremely busy work schedules, a 20minute online or telephonic conversation once a week works wonders in bringing about a desired change.

The No-Diet Approach is extremely practical and suited for everyone to bring out the desired change in their lives.

There are no side effects or YoYo as the idea is to bring about small changes in your own lifestyle!