Love - Hate relationship with your Food?

Food is integral to our survival. You definitely see food around you more times than your best friend, right? Why don't we make food our best friend?

Here's a summary of what my clients tell me often.

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Either I eat too much and put on kilos or I am on a weight loss Diet, after which I put the weight back on again.

I would try every new diet or book in the world but I never learned what it was to eat normally.

Learning to eat normally has been the most difficult part of maintaining my weight.

Pregnancy changed the way I eat, then got busy with kids and the focus was never on what I ate, but entirely on the children's diet.

Apart from the several fad diets, I also tried the VLC (very low calorie) diets where you consume 600 calories a day in the form of high-protein drinks. Well, after losing weight, weight maintenance is always an issue! I can't be dieting every second day of my life!

Developing a healthy relationship with food will enhance your emotional and mental wellbeing. Several studies prove this! Have you thought about loving your food this Valentine's day?

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