Chloe B

Inspecteur Van Politie

Alleen maar lof over deze unieke aanpak.
Zes maanden na de tweede zwangerschap bleef de teller op de weegschaal 15kg te veel!
Op 12 weken tijd was alles weer normaal.
Die 12 weken verliepen ook normaal dankzij de zeer persoonlijke aanpak van Mansi.
Bij de wekelijkse evaluatie werd alles steeds op punt gesteld.
Gewichtverlies zonder de hele voedselvoorraad in huis aan te passen, zonder aparte maaltijden voor de rest van het gezin, enzovoort.
Bedankt voor alles!

Afroze K.


Had never thought one can lose weight without giving up foods like rice,pasta and bread!!!
Mansi’s personalized diet plan fits right in my busy work and managing kid’s schedule. Have learnt so much about food and what to eat and what not to eat!


Mansi's system is an excellent way to change how you interact with food.
By following her week-by-week advice you learn to embrace healthy eating habits without realising that you are learning at all.
Her weekly plans are funand easy to follow and create a great foundation to building a healthy relationship with food.

Tessie Gaertner

Had never thought I would ever find a solution to my 10 year struggle.
Have had digestion issues for 10 years, had been falsely diagnosed with Celiac disease and was running from one doctor to another trying to find a solution and being prescribed a load of supplements.
I did the 4 week diet plan with Mansi and after week one all my problems had disappeared.
I now know exactly what food I can eat and what suits my body.
I reintroduced gluten to my diet and am so happy about this after being gluten free for 4 years.
Thanks Mansi! ***A happy gut is a happy mind***

Paul Kaplan

Bellataire BVBA - Antwerp, Belgium

Mansi, I would like you to know you effectively changed what I eat and the way I eat, and most importantly, you have given me a satisfying, heathy,and relatively painless way to keep to a diet that helps avoid future Diverticulitus attacks.

Rahul Zaveri


Couldn't believe this diet! I was given a lot of food intake. But the results were convincing . I lost approx 5 kgs in 3 weeks ! My cholesterol levels dropped also from 295 down to 230.
Thanks Mansi.

Cherly Khabie

Housewife, Belgium

I had a problem with bloating and following Mansi's simple plan has helped me. Altering a few eating habits, I feel much lighter. The best part was no hunger and no calorie weighing was involved. Coming from a mediterranean background, I still ate all the foods I liked using her simple advice. I recommend her to anyone who needs a dietician.

Betty Glikson


I lost more than 40 kg in ten months!!!! I never thought it will be so easy and pleasant without counting calories and restriction of food, simply by eating healthy. Thanks to the instructions of Mansi, I enjoy now life, I have more energy I am like 20 years younger (people in the street thinks I am a younger sister)I changed my eating habitude andenjoy food far more.I have more energy and my health is perfect (also my garderobe – 7 sizes!!) Yes I recommend her to every one who wants to loose weight in a healthy and pleasant way and being coached by a very sympath. and empath. dietist with a lot of knowledge about food....

Devi Subhakesan

Financial Analyst, Pioneer Investments, Singapore

I lost 10 kg of my post natal weight gain in less than 5 months by following Mansi's easy to follow diet. I was working full time and had no time for physical exercises - so it was quite remarkable that I could lose weight by just altering my food pattern. Most importantly, there was no restrictions on the food volume nor did I have to eat something I wouldnt have otherwise - just a lot of focus on healthy eating and altering food patterns every week

Yossi Landesman

Director, BMS, Belgium

The most original dietician I have met............................................"

Puja Bhassin

Housewife, Dubai

I gained enormous weight after marriage and never took care of myself. One day I met an old friend of mine who made me realize how fat i had become. After trying various means, I finally consulted Mansi online. I have lost 10kilos already and found the process extremely convinient and her diets.. trust me.. are really different and effective.

Melissa Diamond

Receptionist, Free Clinic VZW, Antwerp

Mansi treats each patient as an individual and creates diets that are realistic as well as varied

Kaushik Mehta

Businessman, Antwerp

Living Healthy is all about having the "Right Food at the Right Time". Mansi's advice is very meticulous and suits our Indian food habits perfectly. My experience from Mansi's diet has been very positive. My diabetes has dropped drastically; I have lost weight and feel very healthy.

Ashish Kothari

Eurostar Diamond Traders, Antwerp,Belgium

I started Mansi Saraiya's diet to improve my cholesterol level and basic health of my heart. I followed it strictly for a month and later did a blood test and the results indicated a 20 point drop in my cholesterol level. It was not a difficult diet to follow and I never felt hungry. I am still following the basic principles she has suggested. Overall I was very happy with the results and would recommend her to anybody who has health related problems or simply for weight loss

Andre Carez

Director, Ilomar Holding / Molenbergnatie, Schilde / Belgium

Went to Mansi upon recommendation from Dr.J.Ehelberg. Although this diet was a bit "special", I lost about 5cm in waist in less than 5 weeks

Vinata Shetty

Reebok Master Trainer

I Know Mansi from the time she was in university and joined us at REEBOK for a fitness instructor course. She ranked among the best in her class with her sense of rhythm and innovative ideas. She went on to have a successful practice as a dietician and her motivation will always bring her success..

Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan

MBBS; Ph.D., Physician, Mumbai

It gives me immense pleasure to talk about Mansi Saraiya. She is indeed a terrific dietitian, - one of a kind! She has a unique style of diet prescription, which endears her to her clients. She is so innovative that no two of her diet prescriptions are alike and she is extremely flexible and her clients simply adored her.
I am glad that she is creating a website of her own. I wish her all the success.

Dr. Shubha Rao

M.D. (Medicine)

To let diabetes and obesity dictate your life is like a foe dictating your schedule. Let Mansi help you gain control over your life and enjoy it to the fullest despite the adversities.




Mumbai - India

I am 20 kilos overweight as per my physicians who are treating me for hypertension, migraine and some serious health conditions I developed 9 years ago. Since the past three years I have tried several methods of weight loss like power yoga, weight training, several diet plans even weight loss supplements but absolutely nothing at all worked and I had almost given up. In fact it seemed like the more I tried the more weight I was gaining. I reached a point of very low self esteem because of my weight and appearance and the associated things like couldn’t wear nice clothes, couldn’t walk much especially while travelling to nice places etc…and more important was the health issues.
I was refered to Dr Mansi by someone in the family and what worked for me was the fact that she provides online consultation. Since I work on very busy schedules and travel a lot it would be a challenge to visit a doctor regularly so this option was more viable for me and I thought of giving it a try. We communicated over whatsapp and started the consultation and after sharing a few photographs and a brief introduction we spoke over an internet call and she gave me my first diet plan. I would like to share some of my experiences:
· We connect online once a week at a mutually suitable time to discuss the next weeks diet plan
· During the week we stay in touch online about weight status or any query I may have about what I can or cannot eat especially if I am eating out.
· As of magic my cravings for sugar and junk food have just disappeared. Dr Mansi explains that since I am eating a balanced meal whole day my body does not crave for wrong kind of food
· The diet plan she prescribes online are so easy to prepare and have no special ingredients just the usual things we eat in the average indian diet. I m not cooking anything different for me. Just changing the order and time of what I m eating. I don’t feel like I m on a diet!!!
· Even when I m travelling I just have to message her in advance and she will advise accordingly.
From then until now I am so happy to share that my journey with Dr. Mansi is 4 months long and I have lost 5.5 kilos of stubborn weight in this time with her guidance. I am so looking forward to continued positive reactions to her treatment and a healthier and happier me!
Thanks Dr Mansi! You are really good at what you do!!